Tempt Me

Tempt Me - Olivia Cunning rating clarification 3.5 stars Here it is, another night with Sole Regret The story picks up right after the first book, when the band it's on it's way to Dallas.There we see the rest of them teasing Gabe (the text scenes are hilarious) and we get to see an anxious Adam to go to Dallas.The reason? He is going to see Amanda, his hook-up every time they went there.But Madison is so much more than a hook-up for him, she is the only thing good and pure in his life. She is the only one that sees the man he is becoming and not the screw up he use to be. In the other hand, Madison thinks she is not good enough for rock god Adam, she is not a super model or whatever figure she thinks would suit him. She is afraid to lose him, if she tells him she wants more from him.Now, will they both admit what they want and take a chance?I enjoyed this story but they were times that was just a bit too much for me.I liked how Adam could be so attentive to her and be constantly surprised and awed to her actions.But Adam did make several mistakes, and some of his discussions with Shade, point that out, where he could be inconsiderate to the rest of the band and sometimes irresponsible. The reasons why are understandable but he did not shared it with his friends, making them think that he'll never change.