Blood Flows Deep in the Empire (The Szolites, #1)

Blood Flows Deep in the Empire (The Szolites, #1) - N. Isabelle Blanco From the moment that humans first walked their planet, it was known to the Gods that their corner of the Universe would be pivotal. Their race was destined to become intertwined with Fate on a level no mortal species had before. It shall begin with the death of a new soul and the rebirth of an old queen... After the death of his lover, Dyletry aka God of Fertility, locked away his god powers and made a promise, to kill a new soul in exchange of the chance to let his lover live again.After thousands of years waiting, it came the time to sacrifice the girl, Ismini. But after getting all of her memories and the attraction and lust he feels for her, can he go through it? Does the end justify the means?Since at a young age, Ismini have known her fate. She would be sacrificed to let a God, to be united to his true love again. To go against the Fates, could release the universe destruction.So she accept it not dwelling in what if's.But now that she met in the flesh, the man that haunts her dreams and fuels her fantasies, she can't help but to feel attracted to him. Ismini was there to help the man she now belonged to get back his one true love and keep the Universe safe. It was a shitty fate. More than unfair. But it was a fate Ismini was determined to face with her head held high. And I got to say it was one of the things I loved in our heroine. She doesn't dwell or keep saying "Why me? It's unfair", and hell, she did had LOADS of reasons to think that. But no, she tried to see the bigger picture, and not doom everyone because of her. and ultimately to give her love the thing she thought he wanted .This story is fast paced and quite enthralling!At one point of the story, everything was going wrong and I just couldn't see other ways...and then BAM, quite a kick ass ending!Now I can't wait to read the next books in the series, some of this Gods left me too curious and anxious for more! 4 fertile stars *giggle* pun so intended :)***egalley kindly provided via netgalley in exchange of a honest review