Breathless - Brigid Kemmerer The worst part was the twinge of guilt in his stomach. Not because he might have to go out of state. The guilt was because he wanted to. Sort of. A new town would mean anonymity. No one would know about his powers. No one would know him as Gabriel Merrick's twin brother, half of a unit. A new town meant he could just be Nick. Whatever that meant. So far Nick is a bit of a mystery and finally get a chance to know his thoughts was just amazing and quite emotional.It got to me, his need to be always the peace maker, the controlled one, the one everyone could rely on.He is now sort of dating Quinn but we immediatley feel that he doesn't love her like that...And then he meets Adam, Quinn's new partner dancer...And he start to realize many things about him, that he still isn't prepared to acknowledge. Nick knew exactly what was expected of him: good grades, hard work, and the occasional girlfriend. He knew how to handle all three, could do it blindfolded. But that stray thought had weaseled its way into the back of his head, lodging there so firmly that he couldn't ignore it. For the tiniest fraction of a second, when Adam had looked down at him, asking about volunteering, Nick had wondered what would have happened if he'd said yes. The thing about this novellas is that they do end quite abruptly!! And I want more!!So you can see, it's a sign of how good they are, that they keep us begging for more. 4 breathless stars For this one and more reviews go to:A Bookworm Confessions