New to BookLikes

Hello there!


I only heard about this website yesterday, after it started the discussion about GoodReads censorship *cough* New Policy Review!


I'm an active reader and reviewer and just to think, that somehow a place I consider a "home", would start behaving like that, just makes me sad.

Always the excuse is that's something harmless but isn't how censorship/dictatorship starts? 


Anyway,so now I'm exploring the alternatives, in this case, BookLikes. So far I like the visual and what's offering to the users. It's still importing my books from GR (still 1356 books/1311 hours left,aha) and only then I'll start formatting the reviews, with pics and so on. And oh my, they allow half stars system!! YAY!


I hope this will be a book Haven and a place we will all be free to share one thing we have in common, our love for books!