Spark (Elemental, #2)

Spark (Elemental, #2) - Brigid Kemmerer It's time for the...Oh yes, It's Gabriel turn! "You know how you can trace back moments to one action that didn't feel important at the time? But then later, you go back and think about it, and you realize one little decision turned your whole life upside down." Gabriel is tormented by guilt. For his parents death and now, for how his twin got hurt....that broken arm is a constant reminder of how he failed his brother.If only he could control his element like his brother can ... and if only he could control his temper, that is volatile like fire.It made him lash out and say things he didn't mean to, and step by step, he feels more alienated than ever from his own family. "You all right?"I made my twin brother hate me. I can't try out for basketball. I gave my number to some girl who thinks I'm a thug. Gabriel looked back at his textbook."Yeah.Fine." But besides all the problems, he finally noticed Layne, and after her act of kindness, he can't stop thinking about her.However everything just gets more complicated, when an arsonist is on the loose and even his own family think he is the cause.But Gabriel is set on control his power and most of all, to help the others and above all to STOP the person behind the fires. Before it is to late...Ok, I admit, he is my favorite of the brother! Who can resist a bad boy that it truly is such a sweetheart? He can be caustic and rash but he is loyal to a fault and brave. Oh and a hero!And the romance?“He kissed her again, and for a moment, it felt like his kiss was electric, like the sunlight was tangible, a blanket of warmth and sensation that smothered her thoughts.” *sigh*And well, I'm sucker for the stories where the "wallflower" gets the great guy. And even more, when the girl have a great personality. "You know", said Taylor,"maybe if you spent five minutes looking in a mirror, you wouldn't look like such a loser nerd." "Maybe if you spent five minutes less looking in a mirror, you wouldn't look like such a prostitute."You go Girl ;)Overall This series just keeps getting better!! I LOVED this one to pieces.It still have nerve wrecking action scenes, all those fires and rescues will make you all anxious, the romance will make you feel all fuzzy inside and you will connect even more with all the characters...I Highly recommend this series for all the PNR and YA lovers out there ;) 5 full of spark STARS For this one and more reviews go to: A Bookworm Confessions