Taking Back Forever

Taking Back Forever - Karen Amanda Hooper 4.5 stars " When your eyes look like that, it's so..." I couldn't find a word powerful enough to describe it, so I went with,"magical"."It's not me," he insisted."It's us. Our history. Every emotion, memory, and piece of our past together is stored in my soul." We meet our favorite Kindrily again...and this time Maryah finally knows the true about her and all of them. She remembers the love for them, her love for Nathan. She proves to them all, how their love is truly eternal and that the soul remember!But still she can't remember her past lives and why she erased.It's imperative that she works on remembering her past and get in contact with her powers,like astral travel, in order to find Gregory and his abductor, Dredrick.If in Grasping at Eternity we had Maryah/Nathan POV's, in this one we have Maryah/Harmony POV. Maryah Why? Why would I give up such an extraordinary way of life? That question plagued me all day every day. We can feel her struggle with this question. Now that she remember and feels her love for Nathan, what caused her to give it all up.And we can feel her frustration, trying to remember, trying to be helpful. There are some trues revealed that will make us think, of how much Mary did predict and saw before the terrible events that destroyed the Kindrily in their past life.I got to say that for me, Maryah improved a lot in this book.It did helped to clear the air, that AWESOME beginning to this book, that made me laugh like crazy.And of course it have to be Carson involved in it!"Maryah, for months so much magic has been happening all round you, but you were oblivious. I speak for many when I say we really wanted to shake some sense into you." "For questions, you get chocolate. For obliviousness, you get the horn." Carson smirked."It's a win-win."haha, seriously, I'm feeling you Carson, I felt the same way.Now to be fair to Maryah, she asked a lot more questions now, and more pro-active. It was great to read some of her moments where her "old soul" would come out...What to say about Nathan?He is perfect ♥And OMG, the sexual tension between this 2 just killed me! HOT, HOT and HOT!!"This is one of those moments when I desperately wish you hadn't erased.""Why this moment?" He took his time scanning every curve of my body before answering."Because if you hadn't erased, I'd have no moral qualms about making love to you right here and now."Harmony" Each day that passes I know I'm one day closer to losing him forever. I can't wait any longer. I have to find him. And when I do,even if he is corrupted, even if he is no longer pure and good, I will love him and bring him back. Because as science has proven, the heart remembers."Her story just breaks my heart! 18 years looking for her soul mate, feeling incomplete without him. That whole scene at the airport, I thought my heart would stop. I cried when he stab her and thought that couldn't been happening!! I'm so happy they got so far their HEA And it was great to really feel her love for her brother Dakota and the way she cares about him. And oh boy, I do have some theories about him. I'm in the group that doesn't think he is nuts and that the key is in the book he gave her.Another unique aspect in this book, is that the author gave us 2 endings, one really satisfying and another if we wanted to keep reading, that is a cliffhanger.Of course,like the masochist I am I had to read the cliffhanger and now I can't wait to know more.For this one and more reviews go to: A Bookworm Confessions **egalley kindly provided via netgalley in exchange of an honest review**