The Edge of Never (The Edge of Never, #1)

The Edge of Never (The Edge of Never, #1) - J.A. Redmerski This book is just AMAZING!!!!!!!!Before i read it, i saw a couple of reviews (and then stayed away to try to be spoiled free), and i knew the hype this book was getting. So in a way i was excited to started and in another a bit afraid to be disapointed, since the expectation was so high.But gosh, this story is even BETTER than i could imagine, i get sucked into it since the begining and would have read it non stop, if i haven't forgot my kindle at home during the weekend *face palmAnyway, so this is Camryn and Andrew story. And in the book we get both POVs, which imo was just perfect. I read so many book, in wich the heroine annoys me big time, or that i just can' relate to her (and many times, i came to love the book because of the hero) but not Cam. In fact both characters are just so likable and REAL, and if you don't know someone like them, you wish you had.Can i spent some lines saying how perfect Andrew is?Yes, he is just too precious! I have a major book crush right now and i'm sending all my hopes to find a guy like him.Andrew...Anyway, the story is just such an emotional rollercoaster, since what drove Cam to get on the bus, to how they met , to how they decided to road trip together.But most of all, how Andrew showed her how to laugh, to be silly, to be bold, to be LIVE life in it's fullest.This is definetely one of the book that will stay with me forever, and that i'll re-read it several times.I just can't recommend this book enough...5 BIG AND SHINY STARS