Slammed (Slammed, #1)

Slammed (Slammed, #1) - Colleen Hoover This is a story about grieve, love, soul mates,'s about life.It all begins, when Layken, her mom Julia and her little brother Kel move to another city after her father died suddenly of an heart attack.There she meets her new neighbor Will, and they both have an instant and deep connection. But to me, it doesn't seems rushed how fast it was,it just feels real and right.After an amazing first date which Will introduce her to slam And what's a slam? I ask."Its poetry",he says as he smiles at me."It's what I'm all about." ... their relationship comes to a halt after unexpected revelations.This is not only a story about a girl who met a boy, it's also the story about the bond between mother and daughter, brother and sister and best friends. It's about what we learn with the most important people we let enter our lives and how they irrevocably change it. It's about death and grieve but ultimately about LIFE." When someone close to you dies, the memories and recollections of them are painful. It isn't until the fifth stage of grief that the memories of them stop hurting as much;when the recollections become positive. When you stop thinking about the person's death, and remember all of the wonderful things about their life" To say i love this book feels like an understatement, i LIVED this book.It was amazing to read in Layken's POV,it was real, she was funny,loving, deep. And i could relate so much with her, i also know how it's to lose someone close to me, how devastating it is and how it's true that it does get better with time.I truly enjoyed this story from the very beginning, i devoured each word,i felt each word. I laughed, i cried, i smiled, i grinned,i felt inspired.Many of the character now have a special place in my heart.5 INFINITE STARS Now i finish with a Chuck Norris joke (actually my favorite one) :- If Chuck Norris was an element from the periodic table, which one would he be?The element of surprise (LMAO)