Try Me

Try Me - Olivia Cunning Well, Hello, grab a drink and let's chat about this book, shall we?If you're looking for a short (no pun intended), fun and OH SO HOT book, this one is for you!Hell, you'll be left craving for more and go running off to read the next one in the series (yep, i did that).So back with the story, Sole Regret is the name of a rock band.And and there we have the 5 sexy rock gods, Owen aka Tags, Kelly aka Cuffs, Gabe aka Force, Adam and the main vocalist Jacob aka Shade.They don't have any problem to find women,actually, women tend to trow themselves at them. It seems that they can't keep any relationship.Melanie and her best friend Nikki go to a Sole Regret concert.Although Melanie actually likes the music,she goes there because Nikki wants to get in Shade's pants.So determined that she got them both backstage.The thing is, Melanie is actually scared of tattooed and pierced guys! Let's just say that she isn't in the right place.Now ,let me just put here the pick up line from Nikki to Shade." Is there a place where I can lie down for a bit? she asked." With you on top of me?" Melanie blinked and turned her head to mouth,Wow. " Wow, indeed!Melanie doesn't know the members of the band that well,so when she is left alone with the only normal-looking guy in the room, she feels relieved. But, yes, he is actually the drummer, and not has normal as she thought, he just keeps his tattoos hidden *swoonWhen she does discovered that it's too late, she is already attracted to him and even more, when she sees his tattoos and piercings. It doesn't scare at all, it does turn her on like hell.Now will they have only this night together or it can so much more?Gosh, this book was fun to read, it did had moments that i laughed so hard... "Whatever it was, he was hooked. He never questioned his little head's instincts. His dick had excellent taste" Oh and this one too... " She'd known a few cock teases in her life, but she'd never met a pussy tease before." So i really liked Melanie and Gabe. Although it was short, the characters were well developed, and the chemistry through the roof.Oh did i mentioned this is sizzling HOT??After i read it, i so needed a bucket full of ice.