Unravel Me

Unravel Me - Kendall Ryan What if you woke up with no memory?Without knowing your name, what you look like...all the things that define you?What if you woke up next to a guy, that have been beaten up to death?Do You think you were capable of that? And it's here that the story begins... Ashlyn is a PhD student and she is working in her thesis, focusing in amnesia. And what better case,than that of a young man accused of murder, that doesn't have any recognition of it?Even so she wasn't prepared for the attraction she felt for him, like a moth to a flame...but each day the bond that connects them gets stronger. But still, he doesn't remember...it all feels like a puzzle waiting to be solved.Will he ever remember it? Or it's better off unsolved?This book is a quick read...many times things to be rushed and i confess, that I'm greedy, i wanted more of them.Logan was just HOT...he could be vulnerable, romantic and then all alpha male! Yep, i'm talking about that club scene *fanning myselfOk, i just really LOVED all the hot scenes involving Logan... I was a bit reluctant about the ending but miss Ryan totally pulled that off Because i was just kept wondering why nobody noticed he was gone ! 4 unravel me too Logan stars