Fall Guy (Youngblood, #1)

Fall Guy (Youngblood, #1) - Liz Reinhardt After i started reading the book, i realized that it was a spin-off of sorts of a previous series of the author. So i'm writing this review on a stand alone POV.The story begins with Evan going to court, where she is sentenced to community service, for arson (an accident, really). And in court she meets Winchester, that gives the bad boy aura and in the other hand a totally cooled aura. He is confusing, more to him that meets the eye, and the attraction between the 2 of them is undeniable.However, they both are afraid to go to deep. Evan doesn't look for complicated, she had already too much drama in her life, she doesn't want another relationship one-sided, where she gives everything she is and don't receive the same in return. She is done with bad boys, that are always looking for trouble.Winch is the fall guy. He is the one that solves every problem of his family, he is always the one that takes the fall. For what he does, he most show every time a cool attitude, never to show his emotions and feelings. Even to his family. So he doesn't want complicated too, he doesn't want to let go of his emotions, he wants to keep himself in check. But when this 2 get together, it's like fireworks "His arms are around me, his mouth crushes and sucks all over my body and, in the shadows of my room,in my bed, with the sound of the waves crashing outside the window,he kisses like kissing my skin is essential to his very existence." ...and not only that, they can talk to each other and connect. She is constantly challenging him and he is always try to show her to love herself.But well i did had some problems with the story.Don't get me wrong, i loved the chemistry between this 2. And i actually liked a lot both of them, Evan is smart and sassy (and don't take bullshit, she does have a temper) and well Winch, is fun and intense.But they were parts of the story that just didn't clicked for me. He being the fall guy,i mean c'mon, i get it in the way that it was his job to take care of his family problems. But take every blame for his brother Remy? Which btw, is his older brother? Even tattooed his arm for it? Getting in risk to go to jail ? I just didn't get how it was ok to his family that he took the blame and get all that criminal record and the whole dynamic with his family.I was justThey're really a dysfunctional family. I just couldn't get it, so it was a turn off for me.