Fix You (Second Chances)

Fix You - Mari Carr " We each need to think, really think, about what would make us happy and go for it." In New Years Eve, 6 friends decide to make new years resolutions, more like a second chance in life.Shelly wants to lose weight.Georgie is going to reconnect with her previous fianc├ęs and stop wondering what if?Josie is going to howl! What is howl? Twelve full moons in a year, twelve nights of sexual exploration.Kristen is going to find a husband.Laura wants to find herself.And Zoey, while says out loud she wants to get healthy...her true second chance is to tell her best friend Robbie she is in love with him.Robbie and Zoey have been the best of friends for 25 years, and roommates for nearly 14 years.And it all started one summer afternoon, where while all the other boys didn't want to play with her, he was the only one that did.And a promise was made... "Robbie. Will you promise me something?" "Promise you what?" "Will you promise to be my friend when school starts?You're the only person i know here in my grade" "I'm already your friend, silly." "Promise me anyway." "I promise." What she didn't expect, was to find out she had breast cancer? How could she now tell him she is in love with him? How could she tell him he needed him with her?Robbie knew something wasn't right. So he picked the first flight home. And went home to find her devastated. The moment she'd told him about the cancer, the light had gone on. I'm in love with her. Christ. I've been in love with her since the first day I laid eyes on her. He'd spent a lifetime running the wrong race. He didn't want to be a rock star. He wanted to be hers. Now the challenge will be to show her he will never leave her alone again. He is with her despite her illness, he is with her because he finally realized how much he loves her.AHHH this book! Just so beautiful and heartwarming!It is a short read BUT it doesn't lack the depth in the story. The characters are so likable that you can't help than root for them and just be amazed of how in love they are. We get some flashbacks scenes that show their relationship through the years, and how all the signs were there, even if they couldn't see at the time.I just want to point out to particular scenes, the cut hair and the bar scene. The cutting the hair is probably one of the most endearing and sweet and just beautiful scene i ever read.And well, the bar scene was definetely one of the most romantics. Fix you is one of my favorite songs