You Had Me at Hello

You Had Me At Hello - Mhairi McFarlane What happens when the one that got away comes back?The story begins when Rachel, discussing her upcoming wedding, realizes that she and Rhys are not right for each other. To a point she doesn't know why they're still together. And she comes to a decision to call it off.One day, after several turn of events she bumps to Ben, a friend from Uni, that she hasn't spoke in 10 years. Now we so get that it's a whole more in that story than meets the eye. And it always seems that they want to say more than they're able to.But well, now Ben is married. Completely off charts but even so, she can't help to be friends with him, to have him in her life, even in a small way. Did I really want to sit here listening to how he promised all his remaining days to someone else? Couldn't I have taken that as a given? Did I want to discover a broken man? No. I wanted him to be happy and it was also going to be the thing that hurt the most.That's the reason this was such a bad idea.One of the reasons. Through the book, we get several flashbacks of their story, how they met and how they friendship grew. They were a duo, a club exclusive for 2. And in those chapter you can just feel how connected they were.And you keep wondering what went wrong? Timing? Misunderstandings?Ok, i completely LOVE this book. It was actually a whole lot more than just Ben and Rachel story.I love her relationship with her friends, Mindy, Ivor and Caroline...and well, it's a constant in the story, since they all met in uni. And gosh they were fun! Each one of them could give advices and each one gave a different vibe in the whole group. And i freakin love that Mindy and Ivor ended up together! And that all comming out scene, made me laugh like crazy!!!! To Simon and Zoe especially....I seriously wanted to punch this 2 in the face!!Anyway, i LOVE Ben and Rachel. But let me put the records straight, they could FRUSTRATED me to no end!!!!! Gosh, in some points i actually yelled at my kindle, because I couldn't believe how she didn't see how crazy he was about her...then when she took the easy way out and almost made the same mistake twice!! However, in the other scenes she was quite awesome.Oh and don't let me start talking about Ben