Vain - Fisher Amelie Vanity's a debilitating affliction. You're so absorbed in yourself it's impossible to love anyone other than oneself, leaving you weak without realization of it. (...) You'll discover that what once defined you has wilted into graying hair and wrinkled skin. Frantic, you'll glance around yourself, in hopes of finding those you swore adored you, but all you will find is empty picture frames. Sophie Price is the epitome of vain.She is spoiled, filthy rich, the Queen bee of all the trust funds kids.All the guys wanted her and all the girls wanted to be her. I loved the way they wanted me. It felt powerful. She manipulated all those around her. There were no limits.What she wanted, Sophie get it. She ruled because she is one of the beautiful people.Oh yes, Sophie is a b*tch and she knows it. And at the beginning you think you have her already figure it out. But like in real life, people are not entirely bad or entirely good. I was my own worst enemy. That was my secret weakness. Rejection. Rejection of any kind, in fact. I hated more than anything. Her parents lived their life like she didn't exist. Well, she was a pawn in the game. They only cared and demanded one thing of her. "Keep appearances, Sophie Price, and I'll reward you handsomely," my father said to me starting at fifteen. But after messing up so many times, Sophie was sentenced to spend 6 months in an orphanage. In Uganda.Nothing could have prepared her for this journey. More than a path of self discovery, it was a path of self worth, selfless and unconditional love.Nothing could have prepared her for Dingane aka Ian...She never felt such an immediate reaction to a man.And besides being gorgeous he is one of the most generous and selfless man she ever knew.The thing was his opinion of her... "Girl, you are the epitome of spoiled. I can smell it in your expensive perfume, in the quality of your ridiculous clothing,in the bracelet wrapped 'round that delicate wrist. You won't last out here. You'll stay blind to the environment that surrounds you. You'll live in your clean, perfect bubble and return to your posh life come six months. You I know your kind. I've seen it all before. You will never wake up. Not really." And nothing could have prepared her for those adoring children that irrevocably changed her life... "They choose to be happy even though the obviously easier choice would be to be frightened or sad and they have real reason to be those things as well. But they have have life and faith and hope and love and they choose those things. Their innocence is addicting, their hope is catching and I'm happy to be surrounded by them." This was just such a beautiful, endearing and emotional journey. Ian and Sophie love story is just a beauty to behold...Many scenes left me with my heart in my hands, so many scenes i were afraid for them...i smiled and i cried. And like Sophie nothing could have prepared for those adoring children.This story is just so layered and just makes you feel. Feel love, friendship, dedication, determination, goodness, injustice, selfless but above all HOPE. 5 ADORING STARS