The Opportunist (Love Me With Lies, #1)

The Opportunist (Love Me With Lies, #1) - Tarryn Fisher What to say about this book? After Reading the avoinding series, i planned to read something light but somehow i was caught up to finally read this one. And oh boy, i sure don't regret it BUT i'm emotional drained , i felt to much Reading this and i coudn't stop the tears."“I think that after the first time you give your heart away, you never get it back. The rest of your life is just you pretending that you still have a heart." The story is about Olivia, the opportunist. And how she is that? Basically she is feeling miserable and after 3 years since the breakup, she is still in love with Caleb, she can't stop thinking about him and it's eating her alive, knowing that he hates her and never wants to see her again.She sees Caleb and decides to pass by him, he speaks with her and she learn that he got amnesia. So what does she do? She doesn't say who she is ,what they were to each other and she sees it life has got her a second chance. She would enjoy anytime with him even how little it could be and knowing that he would hate her even more when he would get his memory back.And so the story begins...and alternates between the past and the presente. We learn about their story and just what a ride!!!I'm still diggesting it all, seriously too many feelings. Olivia is far from perfect BUT she is not the rotten egg she think she is. Don't get me wrong, when she mess up she does it in a BIG way but learning her story made us realize where her insecurities came.Then we get Caleb and i find hard to find words to describe him. He too make mistakes but we could see how many times he tried to pass though her walls.And Reading how they met, how he coarced her to a date (i coudn't stop grinning)and curious what was the big thing that happened 3 years ago. Everytime i read scenes of them together i just coudn't stop thinking how perfect they were for each other, if only she could open up more.I can't say much more to don't spoil anyone but this story moved me so much...and that epilogue KILLED ME!