Dirty Red (Love Me With Lies, #2)

Dirty Red (Love Me With Lies, #2) - Tarryn Fisher I didn't immediately started this book, after The Opportunist (the first book of the series), i was left emotional drained and couldn't stop thinking about it. A story of flawed people, how our choices, to the small to the big ones, defines who we are. The story about Olivia and Caleb...and of course of Leah and how she does anything to win Caleb.Ok, i must confess, i was reluctant to start this book, because it's from Leah's POV and i totally loaded her. Yep, she is a bitch.So the book starts when Leah gives birth to Estella and i'm caught by surprise, i imagined her over the moon, for getting the guy of her dreams and a child. But no, she is jealous, because its a baby girl, another woman to stole the attention of her husband. Now how twisted is that?The story also alternates between the past and the present, and we learn how she met Caleb, her relationship with her family and of course, the things she did to "catch him".Many of the scenes, i just couldn't believe how shallow she was, or even worse, how she pretended to be. She was never completely herself around Caleb, afraid if he saw her how she truly was, he wouldn't stay. But how kind of life is that?I actually only liked Leah when she was with Sam (the manny), because their banter was hilarious, and he wasn't afraid to tell her the true, even if it was to call her a cold bitch :DThe next book, it will be in Caleb's POV and i can't help to be excited about it (and sooooo curious), especially after this book, especially after Leah calls him manipulative and i started thinking she might be right. But he is still amazing *sigh* Now i want to read again the first book, to search for clues i'm might have missed. Yes, i know i'm crazy =)