Fearless - Brigid Kemmerer Fearless is told on Hunter's POV and the events are set before Storm.It'll gave you a better understanding of what he was coming from and a glimpse of what he suffered and how he was raised.Hunter was constantly bullied, an effect of his power has a fifth... but now, he could hold his own, he learned to fight back. But still, every single day he had to take new routes from school to home, try to avoid more confrontation.To say he was lonely it was a bit of an understatement ...It would figure that the first time a girl wanted to talk to him, he'd knock her flat. And we see him opening up to Clare, not believing she was interested in talking with him. "God, I look like a total wuss.""No way," said Clare with a smile. "I think you look totally fearless." But he keep thinking of his dad and uncle said "Used them before they use you"...is Clare using him? And how this shows he still isn't ready to get in the business?If you're reading the series, DO NOT SKIP the novellas, you won't regret it!And if you still haven't read it....For this one and more reviews go to:A Bookworm Confessions