Bared to You: A Crossfire Novel

Bared to You  - Sylvia Day First of all i must say, i was indecise if i should give this book 5 or 4 stars, in the end the 5 won because of Gideon.Seriously, the description of Gideon is one of the best i ever read, i felt like i was in Eva shoes and staring at him, the dark and dangerous *sigh* I think what i love about it, it was not only foccus in his looks ( and yes, in case you're wondering, he is drop dead gorgeous) but on his intensity and the "magnetic" pull he have over her. And just let's say, that when this 2 get together, they're like fire, of giant proportion.I liked Eva a lot and her relationship with Cary, it was endearing how they are there for each other and how tied they were.Now, if i would summarize this book in one word, it would be INTENSE ... i never read a book before, where the 2 main characters are this broken and damaged by their past, and how alike they truly are. They both are possessive and jeaulous, they both don't know if it's right to feel so much for each other and that soon, to give the other te power to "destroy" you. One particular scene was hard to read( the nightmare scene )and that kept me wondering if they can be truly right to each other. But i do hope they'll be!Now, off to the next book :)