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Hello there !I'm Jo and I'm a kindle hoarder,aha!

Anyway, I'm a passionate reader and always looking forward for the next book read. :D




I seriously couldn't agree more! 

Booklikes Tutorials rebloged from MandyM

Links to various Booklikes tutorials around the site. Thanks to all the hardworking BL members and team who contributed. This is a work in progress. More links will be added as I find them.


Official Booklikes stuff:









http://blog.booklikes.com/post/551754/post (exclusive status for your books)


The Booklikes blog (new features added every week):



The Goodreads Booklikes group:



Tutorials created by Booklike members:


Easy tips for customising your Booklikes blog:



How to customise your BL blog:



Customising Booklikes Tutorials - parts 1 - 4:







'Reactive' links (round links on a 'shelf' page)



Adding the Booklikes Reading Challenge to your blog:



How to change colour of text on your banner :



Added pages - I can't read it! My background is dark and font is black! And I want to have a comment section!



How to make your comments icons a link:



Customising shelf sort order:



Changing appearance of followers/following counters and repositioning them:



Adding a scrolling quotes marquee to your blog:



How to block followers on Booklikes:



Setting up google analytics on your BL blog:



Changing font colour (text, links, comment section):



Customising Booklikes tutorial - Adding bells and Whistles - blockquotes



How to easily embed a font:



A simple tip - everything is too big - zoom out: 



Background for a search bar (what to do when it's invisible on a dark background):



Let's clean our designated comments pages regularly - no more notification floods:



Reading Challenge - how to post it on your site and a few simple customization options:



Your book counter - make it fun and pretty:



How to avoid losing the original source of a post:







Source: http://mandym.booklikes.com/post/470414/booklikes-tutorials

Thought of the Day :D



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**Favorite Quotes

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Challenge from Tumblr.
Challenge from Tumblr.

It seems fun :D

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Ereaders ;)
Ereaders ;)

Horrorscape Freebie Promotion - TODAY

Just a reminder that today, Horrorscape will be free for download from the Kindle store.


You can access it HERE. If it still says $2.99 when you visit, please try again in a few minutes. It takes a bit for the promotion to kick in.


If you don't have a Kindle, you can download free Kindle reader software for your computer HERE. Don't worry - it's perfectly legal!


I would be very grateful if you spread the word!


Also, I'm planning something special to launch the release of the third book in the IMA series, so stay tuned. :3


Reblog : A Note to "Older" Members from a Goodreads Refugee

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I'm sure all these goodreads posts are of no use to existing booklikes members.  And I've seen a few postings from them wondering about all these new followers (please don't blames us -- signing up for a booklikes account makes us initially follow 25 members that booklikes assigns us.  We'll eventualy sort it out to only follow others with similar reading tastes or whose posts we enjoy).


Please don't think we all came over here to post offensive, threatening material.  Allegations of bullying, rape threats, etc. sure do make good headlines.  And good headlines go viral.

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Me + BookLikes!


I'm loving it! Hopefully I'll get more time today to explore it!


How is your experience so far?

Make Your Wish on BookLikes

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How's your BookLikes experience so far? We hope you're enjoying your time here. We're doing our best to create perfect space for readers and authors with your help, of course. Here are several information that we felt you would like to know :)


BookLikes lets you create your own personal webpage ready to customize and fill with your reviews and books. You can also use your own domain with absolutely no fees, to make it happen go to Settings.


We would also like to inform all BookLikes member who already use their domains that we've changed our DNS, please update them to new ones: to make your site work properly.


Recently we've also received many messages, tweets and comments with your suggestions and requests considering further development. Thank you all! We release one new feature every Thursday and they are mainly based on requests made by our community so if you have more, bring them on :-)



The following list presents several your ideas that we'll definitely put online and start working on right now :-)


Exclusive Shelf - then you'll be able to shelve books on a thematic shelf without necessity of selecting reading status (read, planning to read, currently reading), e.g. Books I haven't finished.


Discussion rooms - they will let you create groups and book clubs to discuss your  reads.


Export to csv - we want you to feel safe and sound on BookLikes and it refers to your content as well. 


PM - you will be able to communicate directly thanks to private messages.


Apps - the fist one is set free and ready to be uploaded (BookLikes Scanner) and more are in progress, including Android and Widows 8.


Synchronization - you'll be able to sync your other platforms with your BookLikes profile.


There's a lot of going on right now but we promise to import all your books, shelves and reviews and to answer all your messages :-)

Story of our lives, right? ;)

PSA - Shorten your posts in the feed!

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If you don't want to annoy lots of people with big assed posts on their dash... Use the page break function. Makes things so much less huge.




Spread the word!


This adds a "Read More" button to expand the post.





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Easy Tips for Customizing Your BookLikes Blog

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On the top of your homepage you’ll notice your navigation bar.




This will bring up your Settings page.



Now Scroll down a bit until you see this:




That’s going to bring up the template customization page. In the upper left hand corner, you’ll see this:



Once that is done, beneath the above posted menu you can scroll down. Do so until you find this:








Now comes the fun part, making that image static. Click on the Edit HTML button.



This is going to split your screen, with your blog showing below and the code window at the top. Don’t freak out. Scroll down through the code until you find these lines:



Now, where you see the green word ‘repeat’, replace that with ‘fixed’. It should now look like this:






Okay, so as you’ll notice in the screenshot above there’s a drop down menu with the word Blog selected. In order to assure that your background is fixed for all your pages you have to select that drop down and repeat the code change for each one listed:






Good luck, everyone. Hope this helps! 



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I just swooned.


---Hahaha! Love it!

New Personalization Features: Add Your Pages & Half Star Rating

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We’re happy to announce that we have prepared two new features for you: half star rating system and adding new pages.


We hope you’ll enjoy rating and reviewing books with ½ stars (although we still count on many 5 star book reviews) and if Blog, Shelf, Timeline sites are not enough for you, you can add a new page or even two to your existing personal webpage. New pages can be used as you wish, e.g. as “About Me” page or "Disclaimer" (we know it’s especially important for German BookLikers who want to use their own domains).

To add new Page go to a new tab in Settings: Pages and make it happen by adding Page’s title, address, text or URL and clicking “Add Page”. Simple! New site will pop up in your Menu in public view of your webpage next to Blog, Shelf and Timeline.


The new page won’t be visible in Dashboard view in the upper navigation bar but you can manage them, modify, add new and delete them any time you want in your Pages Settings


If you have any questions drop us a line in comments below.

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