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I can't get over how much i LOVE this series...

The Summer Garden - Paullina Simons


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I'm still at a loss of words to describe this series, to describe Tatiana and Alexander! I said it before but I'll say it again, there are love story and then there is Tania and Shura's story!
Each and single book of this series moved me, enthralled me and made me live every single thing with them...and each book is so different in it's own way, each one is unique!

Summer Garden starts where most of the romance novels ends...it starts after the Tatia's and Shura reunion. They're now starting their life together with their little boy Ant. The possibilities seems endless now...they're free to live their life the way they want.
But the thing is they're not really free, they're away from Russia, from Germany but they aren't free of the horrors they suffered...especially Alexander, he have scars on the inside and on the outside that don't let him ever forget.

"Does it hurt when I touch them?" He has to lie. Every kiss she plants on his wounds stirs a sense memory of how he got them. He wanted her to touch him, and this is what he gets. But if he tells her the truth, she will stop.So he lies. No,he says. 

It's hard to meet this "new" Shura, this damaged Shura. He suffers from severe PTSD but he can't talk about it. He tries to move on the best he can, without soiling his wife and son.

Then.Now. Eventually, he sees so much that he becomes dead to everything. He has inured himself, hardened himself so that there's nothing that arouses a flicker of feeling inside Alexander. 

The other side is Tania, trying to figure it out how to reach him...how to take his demons and shadows away. She did the unthinkable and saved from the Gulac but is he really out from there?

So through this first years,they're traveling state to state, trying to find a home for themselves...but still hiding for each other all of what they're feeling.

We will be with them through all the hardships, struggles and victories. Sad, heartbreaking and emotional moments...

“Alexander, you broke my heart. But for carrying me on your back, for pulling my dying sled, for giving me your last bread, for the body you destroyed for me, for the son you have given me, for the twenty-nine days we lived like Red Birds of Paradise, for all our Naples sands and Napa wines, for all the days you have been my first and last breath, for Orbeli- I will forgive you. ” 

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...but also passionate and loving moments.

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“I love you. I'm blind for you, wild for you. Sick with you. I told you that our first night together when I asked you to marry me, I am telling you now. Everything that's happened to us, everything, is because I crossed the street for you. I worship you. You know that through and through...” 

Like I said,this for me the harder book to read of the 3 of them (and that's saying a lot)but I can't separate the books from each other. Reading this series for the first time (I'm sure I'll re-read them several times), was an experience of it's own. It was like reading their memories...not only the memories of several events that change history but the memories of people who lived them. To me they felt real and this story touched my soul. I can't even explain it properly! It's like they're now part of me, if that's make sense.

Now, I read several reviews that didn't liked this book...that Shura and Tania are barely recognizable and so on. And I agree with several of the points made, there were several times that I felt infuriated, sad, disappointed and even disgusted (view spoiler)with some scenes...but i never felt that the "pain" was gratuitous. It was real, it was two young people that lived unbearable and impossible things, trying the best they could to get through it together. To grow together. They make mistakes. They have flaws. They're real.

Many parts seems the negativity prevails in it but it's because a major part of the book is focused in those earlier years. Like it zoomed in the pivotal moments...but also the happy moments, Antman growing up and his brothers and sister.

And in the end it's all worthy...every bump in the road made them stronger. And this kind of one of a lifetime love it's all we can aim for. When two souls recognize each other, and from that moment on, they know their fate is irrevocably changed.

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“Do you see the Field of Mars, where I walked next to my bride in her white wedding dress, with red sandals in her hands, when we were kids?”

“I see it well.”

“We spent all our days afraid it was too good to be true, Tatiana,” said Alexander. “We were always afraid all we had was a borrowed five minutes from now.”

Her hands went on his face. “That’s all any of us ever has, my love,” she said. “And it all flies by.”

“Yes,” he said, looking at her, at the desert, covered coral and yellow with golden eye and globe mallow. “But what a five minutes it’s been.” 

True,and reading it" what five minutes it's been"...:)

Terrorscape Has Been Removed by Amazon for Content Violation


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I'm really saddened by this, but I guess it will just have to stay down until I figure out what happened and why.


Sorry for any inconvenience. I'm bummed, since it was my best-selling book, and I'm not exactly swimming in the dough. :/



****my thoughts


I just can't believe it! Terrorscape is one of my favorite books and to think that Amazon removed it like that, is just makes me feel infuriated. 

There is no love story like Tatia's and Shura Love Story ♥

Tatiana and Alexander (Tatiana and Alexander, #2) - Paullina Simons


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I just can't get over how much IN LOVE I am with these books...with this EPIC and TIMELESS story...with Tatiana and Alexander...
It truly is the most consuming and beautiful love story I ever read! Full of devotion, ache, longing, angst, despair and above all hope. If they were lucky to find each other, they will always find away towards each other. They can conceive a world without the other in it!

So there are love stories and then there are Tatia and Shura story...

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After being torn apart,Tania and Shura are trying to survive in a world consumed by way, trying to survive without each other.

The book goes back and forth with both POV's...showing her journey to her new life in NY, with their son Anthony.
And showing how Alex tale of survival, from the NKVD interrogations, to the penal battalion to POW camps. We also get several "flashbacks" of Shura's life before the war, since he was a little kid leaving America for Soviet Union to many key moments of his life, that molded him to the man we first met in the previous book!


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She is most definitely one of my favorite heroines EVER! The most selfless, brave and resilient character! 
She never gives up and she will do everything for the love of her life!

How can she go on, if she left her soul behind?

“Live as if you have faith,” she said, “and faith shall be
given to you.” 


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Shura, Shura, my precious Shura <3 
Could I love him more? I don't think so! What he went through in this book just broke my heart...constantly holding on in his memories of her,of his everything. At all costs he must survive and get back to her. No matter how impossible it seems, he will never give up.

The flashbacks gave a whole new take on his actions and all he went through. Even as a teen he truly was the wise one, and could see what his parents denied to see.
And then,we see how one moment changed the course of his life forever.

In the whole book, many of his chapters were the most heartbreaking I ever read and left me a sobbing mess...from the bittersweet memories of Lazarevo, where he felt everything he hoped for slipped through his fingers, to the last time he saw his father, or the "delusions" he had with Tatia and with his father...

"Don't worry, Dad. I'll make you proud. I'll be ungreedy and unselfish, unprideful and unvengeful. I'll be as hard a man as they come. Let's go. I'm ready."
"I don't want you to be a hard man, Alexander. I want you to be a good man."Harold paused. "A better man than me." 

You are Shura, you sure are!


I'm starting to lack words to describe how I think this series is PERFECTION! 
It'll stay with my forever and ever!

Now, did you get how much I love this book? ;)

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The Summer Garden - Paullina Simons

Ok, I just want to slap some sense in this 2...they're so strange towards each other and that's just so painful to read :S

On another note, Antman got to be the cutest kid ever ^^

Petition to stop Amazon, B&N, and KOBO to ban Erotica and Self published authors!

Avid readers, stop this! Amazon is deleting erotica books and self published authors. They will delete it from your device.



 I came across this article which explains a bit more...



Source: http://www.change.org/petitions/amazon-barnes-and-noble-kobo-drop-the-clause-of-removing-erotica-and-self-published-indie-authors

The moment when you read a book and you feel it changed you...

The Bronze Horseman  - Paullina Simons


The Bronze Horseman is the beginning of a TIMELESS, EPIC and a truly AMAZING love story!

This is Tatiana and Alexander story...

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“Tatiana...you and I had only one moment..." said Alexander.
"A single moment in time, in your time and mine...one instant, when another life could have still been possible."
He kissed her lips. "Do you know what I'm talking about?"
When Tatiana looked up from her ice cream, she saw a soldier staring at her from across the street.
"I know that moment," whispered Tatiana.” 

June 22nd 1941...the Day that Germany invaded Russia ,the day that showed how close the war was, the day that changed irrevocably Tatiana's fate.
The moment when she met Alexander...

"It was like stumbling on a book you thought you had lost. Ah, yes, there it is.” 

A love that will be tested at every turn , a love that must be kept hidden or she will risk to torn her family apart...an unselfish and all consuming love, a glimpse of hope in a violent and changing world.

This book takes in their journey, showing the ugliness and the horrors of war, how people tried to survived in a siege city, grasping for each grump of bread, trying to live one more day.

Can love survive in a time, when everything you hold dear is taken from you?


I confess, this review is a mess, I want to talk so much about it and then I feel at loss of words to convey my feelings...this book is hands down, one of the best books I ever read.

Hell, the best love story I ever read. 

Alexander and Tatiana are just the most amazing hero/heroine EVER! They felt so real, flawed and perfect at the same time... they would do anything for each other. Anything to keep each other safe and alive. 
The way their actions could give away so many of their feelings *sigh

You could feel every once of their love, every single second of their longing for each other,their devotion and their passion...
GAH,their passion!!

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A truly riveting and unforgettable love story!

One(of the many)favorite scenes I have is when asked what Love is, Tatia said : 

“Love is,” she repeated slowly, looking only at Dasha, “when he is hungry and you feed him. Love is knowing when he is hungry” 

To which much later one in the story,this was said:

“Open your eyes, soldier,” Tatiana said fondly, caressing his face.“Are you hungry?” 
“I was hungry,” Alexander said. “But you fed me.” His body was shaking underneath his sheet.” 

Now see, why I say this book is PERFECT?
I still was just a middle of the book and I knew this one would be one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE books, it was really no way around it! Why?
a) I have to force myself to stop reading and get stuff done in real life.
b) I can't stop thinking about it
c) I felt every single thing, I cried,i felt infuriated, I smiled...completely emotional attached
d) When you have that amazing feeling that you aren't the same after reading it!

So, if you still haven't read it, just go and read it! You won't regret it and most probably, you'll feel like I did and want to punch yourself for not reading it sooner!

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*** Buddy read with my lovely bestie Ana Rita =)***

Come to me book...

Tatiana and Alexander (Tatiana and Alexander, #2) - Paullina Simons

 Although I'm still a wreck I need to start this one!
And of course the buddy read with my bestie Ana continues ;)

99% ...and my heart hurts!!

The Bronze Horseman  - Paullina Simons


OMG!*breathes deeply


Why haven't I read this book sooner? WHYYYYYY?


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You know a book is an all time favorite, when:

a) you have to force yourself to stop reading and do stuff in real life
b) you spend the day thinking about the story,and about the characters
c) when you're so emotional attached, that you feel every single thing alongside them...you cry, you feel angry, you smile...

Yes, this was most definitely one of the best books I ever read!

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The Bronze Horseman  - Paullina Simons

Ok,NO,just NO! This 2 deserve a break, god damn it!
Why don't they just go together?
Oh and Dima? I LOATH you!!!

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10 Famous Authors Who Remind Us That Great Writers Can Also Be Decent Human Beings

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"Also, the guy looks like Santa Claus. How could he be a jerk?"







interesting article



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A publisher advises on how to hand-pick and fake-friend GR people for reviews

1237196This is interesting. On the purchasing of reviews, on making fake friends with hand-picked reviewers on Goodreads in order to get good reviews, on the slagging off of one-star reviews as inadequate etc. It was written by Doris-Maria Heilmann at 111Publishing. That info took a while to track down.

Start making “friends” with reviewers, long before your book is finished: Search on your social media sites for reviewers, reviews, book bloggers, etc. when using the search function on top of Twitter, Goodreads, Facebook and Google+ pages. At Goodreads, reviewers are listed, so you can conveniently choose them as friends and follow them for a while...

I wish Goodreads appreciated us as much as she does though, 

those readers do not only review books, but post their reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and the like. On top of that, they often write a blog post about the books they read, which stays there for years to come. They are actually promoting those book reviews to readers and indirectly even to industry decision makers: librarians, booksellers, agents, publishers – like a publicist does it (for money). If compensated it would mean at least a couple of hundred dollars worth, what they provide you for free!

But they don't like honest reviews, only good ones.

I think about an extremely unfair review, a good friend of mine has received from a “Librarian” at Goodreads! She wrote about a book that has amassed more than 90 percent 5-star reviews. The “reviewer wrote: “I tried to like the book, really. But I just can’t.” That’s it, this was the whole review! No description what the book is about, no mentioning of the writing style (excellent!), not about the plot, the characters, nothing. And gave it a 1-star. So much for the quality of reviews…


What she doesn't say is the 5-star reviews were from her friends, family, fellow self-published authors and possibly not one single genuine one among the lot. Just like Jennifer Smith's reviews on her book, Grrr where all 239 stellar ratings were created by people who live in Scranton, PA, joined between 30 Sept and today (yes, she's still at it). They squeal when they get 1 star reviews but expect us to believe all the manipulated 5-star ones. That's popularly known as wanting to have your cake and eat it too. 

The only way to please these authors who are looking for reviews worth "at least a couple of hundred dollars" is to give them a fake 5 star review. They don't care it's fake.

Some authors think that reviewers should take my mother's advice "If you can't say anything nice , don't say anything at all." 

Honesty out of the window, scam us for our $$$ with manipulation of reviews. I am sure those sort of authors are a tiny minority though. The ones I know on GR and in real life (a lot) are with a single real life exception, really straight and credible people.


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You just have to buckle it up and enjoy the wild ride!!

Undeniable  - Madeline Sheehan


4.5 " intense, flawed and just f*cked up" stars 

I'm still a bit at a loss of words to describe my feelings while reading this one! 
I was curious to read it and I knew it would be a challenge for me... and was I ever right! I kept thinking "WHAT THE F*CK!" am I reading?

We just have to buckle it up and enjoy the wild ride!!

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Undeniable is Deuce and Eva's story. If you're looking for a sugar-coated love story, you won't get one!
You'll get a crazy, full of angst story... with twists of violence,lust,regret,hurt and love.

It's a train wreck you just can't look way but this is their story...

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Eva is the daughter of 'Preacher', the PR of the Silver Demon MC...raised by the bikers and loved by them all.
Deuce is the president of Hell's Horseman MC, a rival gang.
The story revolves of how through the years they keep meeting,loving each other and ultimate losing each other.
Their story could get dark and just ugly but despite that, you could see glimpse of what could it be! Was it love? Was it just raw passion?
Why they're constantly mining each other opportunity at happiness?



When we first meet her at 5 years old, i just thought how adorable she was. That first time they met was just adorable!
And when we meet her again at 16 and then 18, I kept thinking she was just a cool and strong character, head over heels with the ultimate bad boy. 
But what messed really with my mind was her relationship with Frankie!! I just couldn't get how she kept making excuses for him and let herself be emotional and physical abused. I get that at one point, she thought only her could save him and since she didn't have Deuce, it was she had. But still, the amount of hurt she goes through is insane!


Delicious alpha male and ultimate @sshole! Some of his actions I just wanted to kick him in the nuts! Oh I'm upset with you, well let me go f*ck a slut and she will do the trick!
Oh my wife is pregnant and must rest, oh no, I can't deal with my feeling, I most "abandon" her and left her in the house, while I spent most of the days in club and banging someone!
There where times that I questioned if he really loved her but he did redeem himself...and convinced me he really did.
It seems I kind loved this bastard,lol.


I can't even start ranting about him or I wouldn't stop! Seriously, he is a sick sick psycho!
He was the protagonist of some of the most mindf*cked scenes in this book and that's saying a lot!


I admit is crazy how much I "enjoyed" reading this...i mean, it's most definitely a turn pager. You need to know what comes next in the crazy wagon! Oh yes, this book drove me nuts and still I couldn't stop reading it! Flawed and just f*cked up characters that you root, they will find a way to get a chance of happiness.

Be warned that besides being highly addictive it's got to be the book I read with more cussing words in it! (many times, it was the times I had to shut down my inner voice...they seriously called every woman "bitch" ---and don't let me start how they talked with the children,lol).
So like my friend Ana said, "shut out" your morals and give this book a chance!

Mark Twain said,"The two most important days in your life is the day you were born and the day you find out why."
I don't remember the day I was born but I remember the day I found out why.
His name was Deuce.
He was my "why".
And this is our story.
It is not a pretty one.
Someparts of it are downright ugly.
But it's ours.
And because I believe everything happens for a reason,I wouldn't change a thing.

***Earlier reactions ****

My beautiful bestie Ana gifted me with a copy!

Her advice?

"Just picture Charlie Hunnam as Deuce ;) "

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THANK YOU hon ;) xx

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